A Most Trusted Coffee Brand, Readers Digest’s October Poll


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whom do you trust

As of September 15th, your newsstands started debuting the October issue of Readers Digest. Within that issue, more than 4,500 Americans polled on brands they trust the most, make the “Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand.”

Categories of all kinds from cereal,  detergents, lotions, vitamins and yes, even coffee were part weighed upon.

According to Readers Digest, “The survey revealed that trust plays a major role in consumer decision making, with 79 percent of survey participants reporting that they would choose a brand that’s been identified as “trusted” over another brand when product quality and price are similar. In addition, according to the study, 75 percent of U.S. adults surveyed agree it’s important to trust the companies they support. Eight in ten (82 percent) report that they trust a company that will stand behind their products, and more than 40 percent said the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands seal would likely have an effect on their trust or decision to purchase a product or service.”

Can you guess which coffee brand, its reader trust the most? Drum roll… ” the best part of waking up is… Folgers.” That’s right.  I find this interesting and telling in the grand scheme of coffee brands given how much the landscape has changed and is changing in regards to specialty independents becoming brands and even smaller independents – perhaps one shop or a couple being a brand in themselves.

Given some of the other trusted brands like Glade for fresherner/deodorizer, Tide for detergent, Bounty for Paper Towels – they are some good paper towels – Campbell’s for soup and Crest for Toothpaste, these are hallmark brands with a long history. Apple made the list for mobile phone/tablet, is it fair to assume that that was a no brainer?

Have you ever had Folgers? Or, know someone who has? This culture would love to have its own forum of sorts, with your comments on which coffee brand you trust. Your comments are welcome.


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