Art Basel Coffee : 21 Things to Do in Four Days



Ben Katzman, BUFU Records

Ben Katzman, BUFU Records

Here’s 21 Things to Do in during Art Basel over the next four days. Or, seven things to do in Art, Basel and Boffee respectively. CupUP!


1. In its inaugural showing at Art Basel Mana Contemporary enters with three art compilations that cover the crux  of a culture’s existence – collaboration and community.   Housing itself on some of the 22 acres of Mana Wynwood, Eugene Lemay curates with large scale works including; Mana Monumental, the Latin American art in Dirty Geometry and limited-edition silkscreen prints in Gary Lichtenstein editions. Three looks like their magic number.

2. Because 200 art installations over 500,000 square feet, is lets face it – a little universe. That’s why I’m excited about the Marina Abramovic Institute’s collaboration with the Beyeler Foundation. It looks like #ArtBaselNaps – mind the hastag – is just the perfect kind of activity to ‘slow down’ as it says with no time restriction. And while, I’m in the Marina timeframe I’m also going to dial in to my own personal mindfulness and witness ‘Counting the Rice.’

3. To Have and To Hold Rubell Collection

50 years of collecting, which is like a marriage of art and curating itself. The Rubell Collection private collection makes a cameo  at Art Basel  with images and themes that strike the hearts of multiple generations. From Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Josh Kline and Jean-Michel Basquiat to commissioned solo exhibitions, put this on your to-see list.

4. ‘I Feel Ya’ by SCAD + Andre’ 3000

Two decades of fashion explored in costume and on film with André 3000 is sure to incite conversation, deep conversation about style, the art of clothes and how music mediates the two in a created film enunciating the projects visual stream of consciousness.Let the inspiration and ‘jumping’ begin.

5. The Wynwood Walls and Doors

You could consider Wynwood a neighborhood. But locals call it a city. The latter is true as it’s a microcosm of art on every surface, from walls, to doors, to news boxes to light poles. Have yourself dropped on any corner and explore. This city is yours for the viewing.

6. Collins Park

Green Green Green. Collins Park is as they say, a manicured green. A patch of greenery located in front of the Bass Museum is a part of Basel’s Public Sector, featuring large sculptures, installations and performances accessible to the general public. Lets go.

7.  The W Hotel provides a trip back to the 80’s where Pop Art thrived from the likes of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel and Keith Haring creating some of the genre’s most iconic works. Visit its Living Room exhibition, it’s a movement one should surely take a bar seat for.


The business of Basel includes the talks, conversations the community that it inspires.

Talks + Conversations


This series of conversation talks covering art, Instagram and conscious thoughts on making art and making it as an artist in this modern world of social cultural exchange occurs daily starting Thursday – Sunday at the Miami Convention Center.

1. Marina Abramovic’s Materials for Immateriality, Thursday 3-4 pm,

2. Instagram as an Artistic Medium Thursday 5- 6 p.m.

3. Playfulness: Artists as Online Gamers, Surfers and Armchair Digital Revolutionaries
David Gryn, Curator of Art Basel’s Film sector and Founder of Artprojx, London; Tabor Robak, Artist, Brooklyn; Rachel Rose, Artist, New York, Friday 2-3 p.m.


4.The State of Printed Magazines in the Digital Era, Saturday 1-2 p.m.


5. Fri, December 5  | New Funding Models for Visual Arts

6. Sat, December 6 | Boundaries Art Initiative in an Expanding Globe, 10 am- 11 am

7. Sun, December 7  | Artistic practice The Artist as Curator Talk  10 am. – 11 am


If there’s art, there must be coffee, because how can one consume all this grandeur without having something equally beautiful to consume like coffee.

1. Imagine 25 years of works by artists in the  Surrealist and Dada movements having a conversation in one place. Enter Café Dolly an exhibition at Nova Southeastern University with works by Picabia, Julian Schnabel think “ broken plates, resin-coated figurative paintings, enormous canvases based on paintings found in thrift stores,” and paintings from the late 19th- to mid-20th century by visionary Danish artist J. F. Willumsen according to the University. Café, thrift, paint: I’m all in.

2. MANA Contemporary in conjunction with The Brooklyn Rail will hold daily hours for journalists to gather, talk and commune in their Writer’s Lounge.  Serving edibles of breakfast pastries and roasted fruit, aka coffee, with sparkling Perrier this is a space to be and be coffee culture merry.  If one is looking for something with a little more kick, the Off The Rails happy hour comes with complimentary Estrella Damm Lager. Well alright, alright, alright.

3. Coffee pops up in a Gastropod. Entitled as GastroPod 2.0, you can pop in at 160 NW 26th Street, 3 p.m. – 11p.m. everyday.

4.  Coffee cups have a historical heritage to the Greeks. Bringing Grecian coffee cups into an even more modern context, Ajay Kurian’s of 47 Canal plays with them in exhibition that treats Goethe’s Faust with Want, Need, Guilt And Care. See his wonderful GQ interview for a more in-depth interview.

5.  Coffee and Waffles by Mad Chiller Coffee x Prizm Art Fair

It’s a good Friday when coffee and waffles coincide. Thanks To Mad Chiller Coffee, the gelato and coffee destination, it will bring its sweets to the first Friday of Prizm Art Fair’s Grand Opening during Art Basel. Let us eat coffee!

6.  From red hue lights to palm tree views premier specialty coffee roaster, Panther Coffee, heralded as one of the best in Miami and a big player in Specialty Coffee, is a proponent of art in coffee roasting and in housing art itself within its space. A visit here is encouraged where coffee, beer and culture are constantly being tapped for a totalitarian coffee culture experience.

7. Have a tour of the downtown area of Miami and with a coffee at Eternity Coffee Roasters in Brickell and then head to see James Blake – .who I like to think of as a soulful electronic crooner comes to Miami for his first appearance – or another musical act throughout the Art Basel Miami weekend at the Young Arts Campus. It benefits the youth and the arts, what a perfect combination!

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