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Now through Sunday, Photo LA is exhibiting for the 24th year in Los Angeles. When you arrive to the creative habitat also now known as The Reef/LA Mart’s second floor level, you’ll smell Café Demitasse brewing drip coffee and espresso based drinks, the Indonesian inspired latte with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and is not to be missed.[ Between row 410+ 310]. As you walk through the white walls of numerous galleries from around the world, culture is expressed holistically from numerous points of view. And, as always coffee is one of them.


Using their Hitchhikers Guide and Ethiopian Ardi  you’ll find the coffees brewed on a GS3 La Marzocco, drip coffee and batch brews. Additionally, Barista milk is their selection of choice which pairs well Frank Kim’s latte which is amplified by three beautiful spices: ginger cinnamon and nutmeg.

On why he decided to do bring coffee to Photo LA, Bobby Roshan said, “Its a cool event, its photos, its Los Angeles.” I couldn’t agree more given the cross coffee cultural alignment.

Here’s four images including or playing upon the theme of coffee culture that are a must-see.

1. Joe Shere, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield | Your Daily Photograph | Aisle 525

This iconic photo displays within Your Daily Photograph, a free subscription website allowing you to discover photographs daily – specifically three.In beautiful black and white, demitasse appears as a player in nightlife and among some quite famous Hollywood women.

2. Li Xinzhao | Outside Sinkiang | The Time Space In Beijing | Aisle 625

Flushed right, you’ll find a series of photographs with a rich red hued background, featuring local subjects located outside of East Mongolia in Sinkiang. Draw your attention to the woman and young boy, who each hold an egg in their hand – a signifier that cooking is about to occur. Look in and you’ll find a cooking area with a utensil most likely to make tea, says the exhibitors.

3. Janette Beckman |

The English photographer, lives in New York and photographs a variety of subjects including personas in music. There’s one of musician Joe Strummer, parlayed in a chair with a ceramic mug in close proximity. Her portrait of him pulls you in, you won’t be able to take your eyes away. Linger with the rest of her images including a few other notable musicians your sure to recognize.

4.Unknown, Tea | Rare Photo Gallery | Aisle 202

Perhaps appropriately without a name, giving credence to the universality of a simple but profound ritual around the world, that of an individual consuming a tea. Alone, or with company one doesn’t know, but one can perceive the ritual is occurring.


A few other exhibitions of note:


1. Kathy Yates’ Black and White images at Berlana Fine Art

2. The Two Fridas | Santa Monica College |  819

3. Andy Warhol’s Diana Ross

4. ‘Off the Clock’ The APA LA Curated Personal Photography Exhibition

: David Westphal’s, ‘Out of Africa’

: Forest Pittard, ‘Alone Again’

: Jim Hughes, ‘Kerala Backwaters

: Elizabeth Caren ‘The Lovers’

5.  Simon Annand’s Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic. Hint: The ‘green’ coffee lady makes a theatrical appearance.

6: Selma 50, The Steve Schapiro’s photographs

7. James Dean, by Richard C. Miller

8: A real treat: Tami Bahat‘s Portraits

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