coffee + thrift in Brazil



On Stefany and I’s fourth trip, we traveled to the East Village to visit  Ninth Street Espresso. As with all trips, the fun is in taking a detour. So we opted to indulge in the simplicity of our individualized coffee rituals. While Stefany is a default, black coffee kind of lady,  I’m a ‘give me the milk’ kind of girl. Our staples led to stop-in-our-tracks finds, unmistakable expressions of style staples to our wardrobes. Thanks to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s and RadioHead’s The Reckoner for showing up and being part of the sound of this journey. Bom divertimento!   

Coffee Shop: Ninth Street Espresso

Coffee: Three Bean Brazilian Blend

Coffee Notes: Coffee + Milk it’s such a great pairing. Your what I simply want, but you can often be simply complicated –  like a good pair of blue jeans.

Stefany’s Coffee Notes: bright, cheerful and exciting

Though I sleep through the night, coffee is my reset button at the beginning of the day. I like it drip; I like it black.

Thrift Store: No Relation Vintage

Thrift Notes: Don’t fool me.

Thrift Find: Tried, true and blue is my sum adjective for a great pair of jeans. Hard to find, but once found you can’t get enough of ‘em. With trademark Wrangler stitching and as Stefany said, “a great butt” these jeans became not just the wildcard but a smdlr style staple. Awesomeness!

Stefany’s Thrift Notes: balanced beauty, feminine, complex

Thrift Find:  I would never need a second impression after this first one. These bold, hand-woven colors in a classic shape were an immediate obsession. My mind raced, when I caught up with it, we were both in the happy place of Brazil. I’m ready for a statement now.


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