coffee date: black, white, chocolate and church. @blacktop

blacktop coffee, dtla

blacktop coffee, dtla

The first three are Blacktop’s menu options. The latter is part of the view when you sit on either one of two crates or folding chairs.

A coffee shop’s landscape like the terroir of a coffee farm, inspires feelings of reverence, for me. You see, I don’t think that buildings themselves are holy, but the experiences that they can evoke are.

Sitting here at Blacktop, having a white, I feel divine. As I take pause for praise for all the hands from seed to storefront that created what’s between my palms I’m grateful for the ritual of coffee. It’s in these moments with self that I can experience the all.

If and when you visit hear take a little time to not think, to gaze about, to see the cross in the sky, smell the coffee cherry, hear the car tires rolling by \: they are all the soundtrack of the experience of coffee as a culture.

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