on coffee:. Five on Tue | February 10th

via Medium

via Medium


1. “In this season, when the sun lacks any strength to thaw, we think strong coffee is a necessity.” Bru CoffeeBar

2. “I’m no Justin Bieber. I go to Aroma to get coffee, and the paparazzi walk me to ballet class. I drink one or two cappuccinos a day,” Alexa Chung, Harpers Bazaar

3. Welcome to the new Paris. Nico and Sarah grew up in France but spent six years in Vancouver and Melbourne, where they discovered the possibilities of coffee and café culture.” Medium

4. “As dawn comes, he brews coffee.” Nathan Heller, The New Yorker

5. “The coffee we’re presenting has been on a long journey to get to the cup, and we wish to respect each aspect of the journey.” Daniel Warburton, NY Times

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