Announcing P.E.N.

Products, Events, Notices

Hello Wonderful Tribe.

In an effort to give voice to all the wonderful events, specialized products and notices happening in coffee culture that’s received here at HQ, let me introduce you to P.E.N. [ Products, Events, Notices ] – a digital service to list your latest and greatest news.

Because, The Coffeetographer is a human run and independently powered webzine, I have noticed from pitches, emails and announcements, a need to bring awareness and attention to products, events and notices by brands and the coffee community at large.

In order to service this need and spread cultural awareness of your endeavors, I’ve created P.E.N. a digital note in a list form – an opportunity to share your products, events and notices to The Coffeetographer’s audience.

Do you have an event coming up and would like to tell people about it? Do you have a new product offering and would like to announce it? Do you just have some good news about your brand – a service, a pop-up, a collaboration, an opening, a Kickstarter – and you’d like to spread the word? Pen it here on The Coffeetographer.

PENs are written by you and are up to 35 characters in length. PENs can be purchased as Text only, Text + Image (supplied by you) and Text + Image + Newsletter Reach.

Submit your Pen by Thursday of a given week by 10 p.m. EST. These Pens will go live every Friday and last for one week, until the a new set of Pens appear the following week. within the weekly Culture N.E.W.S. events feature. 

PENs begin at $25. You provide the copy; I provide the platform. Invest in a PEN and write one now with the Paypal link below. Feel free to write your pen in a separate document and cut and past into the form field below. Should you want your pen copyedited before posting you may selected that service below, other wise it will post as its submitted.

Purchase Your Pen
Write your Pen – 30 Characters

It is my aim that Pens will provide a broader voice for the news and culture that matters to you, your business and our shared culture. Thank you.

Chérmelle D. Edwards

DISCLAIMER: Pens dealing with sexually suggestive material, porn, or counter to the good of this culture – at The Coffeetographer’s discretion – will not be published. Such submitted pens will be refunded at half their price to cover processing.