coffee date: From Specialty Coffee to Stater Bros.

coffee at Jacks Kitchen

coffee at Jacks Kitchen

It was just a Saturday. A  Saturday with no intention for drinking coffee. That is until my Grandmother popped into town and requested breakfast with her granddaughters. I, like her, love pancakes. And so, we went to an uber local spot, where the definition of a regular is defined. Jacks Kitchen in Central L.A. is home to booths, swivel chairs and yes, a jukebox. It’s like the perfect quaint nostalgic setting to create memories. And, oh was a memory created for me.

My order was simple. A stack of pancakes by a side of lemon water – I came for the pancakes. They are the epitome of what I imagine flapjacks to be, as my dad likes to call them. As I sat on the stool, I did think about coffee when I glanced over the beverage menu. But honestly, how good could the coffee be at a diner.

Its quite possible I gave some discernible nose frown, not because I’m a coffee snob – I hate that term by the way – but because I honestly didn’t believe that the coffee was going to be good.  When I passed, my sister said, “You don’t want coffee?” I said, “No, I’m good.” Then our lovely attendant and waitress said, “Try it babe you just might like it. And, it’s on the house.”

I said okay. Her urging more than the free hooked me. I thought who am I to not at least try it and if I don’t like it Ill just continue on to my stack of pancakes.

When it arrived, it was drip coffee and it was familiar. The mug was warmed and of an earth tone bone color. Steam pillowed from its black substance, which from a nose dip and a few successive sniffs smelled like chestnuts. And, I love chestnuts.  I took my first sip and it was just underneath hot, which was perfect for temperature. Then, I sipped it. And, oh, oh what did I have here. It was smooth, limited acidity and a note of toasty chestnut coming through. I sipped again and again and I liked it!


jacks coffee

I liked it so much; I needed to take a picture of the experience to make it real. After I did, our waitress returned with my pancakes and said, “So, how is it?” I said, “so good,” I really like it, there’s chestnut in here. With glee, I  clicked my flats,  which were thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo’s that I paired with a vintage MAC Jumpsuit and a collared printed shirt all for $3. #inthriftwetrust

Here’s the charming thing about our waitress, she didn’t say ‘I told you so,” with her eyes, her hips or her hands. She smiled and simply asked, “Would you like a refill?” I said, “Yes ma’am.”

Thanks to Stater Bros who she said supplied their coffee, for inspiring a trip beyond Specialty Coffee. One just never knows where good coffee can be found. However, what I do know, are the words of my grandmother, “don’t knock it ‘till you try it.”  #cupUp


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