coffee + thrift in Sidama Region


On Stefany and I’s third trip, we traveled to Greenpoint in Brooklyn to visit the Cafe Grumpy Roastery. Our private cupping with Cheryl and Liam was an intimate treat where bergamot, blackberry and guava all played together as we cupped three coffees. We both fell deep in love fast with what we experienced. Its no wonder that our trek led us to some darling vintage at Fox and Fawn and a range of sounds covering the landscape of what falling in love anew feels like.  

Coffee Shop: Cafe Grumpy

Coffee: Deri, Kochoha, [Sidama Region] Ethiopia.

Coffee Notes: Your wild and I like it! I’m humming to the tune of guava and tobacco in a field of grass. Is this true, it must be, you give me the memory.

Stefany’s Coffee Notes: You handle me with strength and gentility. Your floral flavors in my face so beautifully, I welcome how you demured my spirit – as if I were dried flowers contained and beautiful just the same.

Thrift Store: Fox and Fawn 

Thrift Notes: punch of something, high

Thrift Find: I almost didn’t find you. You were subtly tucked somewhere with perfect imperfections, giving you the kind of character that begets the story of a history before I came. A petite hole here, a missing sleeve there. I spin in you and flowers from Sidama seem to appear in my hair.

Stefany’s Thrift Notes: balanced beauty, feminine, complex

Thrift Find:  Gasp! Exaggerations escaped me because the Victorian goodness of this lady number went viral in my heart. Its detail, its fit was perfect. It was a message in a bottle from a faraway place and it said, “meet me in sidama.’


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