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Doug Dubois’ Last Day at Seventeen via

Doug DuBois

One summer, Doug DuBois went to Ireland. While there on a residency, some teenagers invited him to an area called Russel Heights. What happened led to a five year journey of capturing teenagers a specific set of teenagers, those who hadn’t turned eighteen.

One of those images of what seventeen looked like really pulled me in. Its a slice of life, everyday life, in a kitchen where used coffee mugs find a place of their own, on a counter. It brought my imagination to wondering about how many cups have been consumed in this kitchen. Even more, how many conversations between this teen and his parents occurred and what about; money for new shoes, permission to go out with friends, talks of post high school dreams and the like. All of this thought from the above and brilliant capture.

Dubois is Kickstarting his book – My Last Day at Seventeen, with Aperture – where a full interview is published. Mind you its already received its initial funding goal. Join his storytelling initiative because from the preview of the images – its are vivid, haunting and sure to bring back memories of your own seventeen – it has mine.


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