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“You glimpse him on his way out the coffee shop, speeding round the corner on fixed gear, or walking down the sidewalk with a bemused expression on his face—alas, out-of-reach.”

These are among the eight guys you might meet in Brooklyn, as illustrated by Richard Haines over at the New York Observer.  Its funny, true and good!

The slides are like reading short, short stories of anecdotal characters one has or will eventually come in contact with. Given that this is Brooklyn, what would a sartorial illustration of my fair borough be without a reference -visual and textually – to coffee?

So, lets take a little visual tour of three of the men who are bound to bring us joy and lots of coffee-ness.

Take the ‘Total Jazzer’, “see him at the coffee shop Tip of the Tongue (R.I.P. K-Dog), no earlier than 2 p.m., still bed-headed and sexy sleep-eyed—don’t judge, he was gigging late last night!.”

Richard Haines, The Total Jazzer

Richard Haines, The Total Jazzer

Take the ‘Do Gooder’, he’s “serious about coffee.”

Richard Haines, The Mellow Man

Richard Haines, The Do-Gooder

Take the ‘Mellow Man’, he, “has a collection of vintage coffee table books about Brooklyn that would be gathering dust, except he probably dusts them.”

The Mellow Man, Richard Haines

The Mellow Man, Richard Haines

Brooklyn is no longer just a borough of churches, its a borough of coffee shops with its men drinking lots of it.  And, one thing is for sure, if you stumble upon one of the three from above your life will be filled with music, social good, intellectual reading and those coveted chill vibes us Brooklyners do love, right. Right! – cde

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