Culture Cooler : 3 Things [From the Weekend] to Still Talk About [2.24]


1. Charles Babinski of Los Angeles’ GandBCoffee + Go Get Em Tiger took first place in the Big Western NorthWest Regional Barista Competition.  And, because coffee and music is a big platform on and in the culture,  one should know that  ‘Looking up Through You’ by  Trujullo and’Brothers on the Slide’ by Patchworks Ginger XPress were among the songs that help play him to a win. Cue his performance here.

2. It was a warm weekend in New York, thanks in part to the new Blue Bottle Coffee that opened in Boreum Hill, serving free coffee. The official Grand Opening happens tomorrow, Tuesday February 25th. 

3. Cultural Plug: While New York Fashion ended two cities ago – London + Milan – these photographers snaps of coffee in the street context, struck a cultural chord for how effortless coffee converges with style.

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