Culture Cooler : 3 Things [From the Weekend] to Still Talk About

coffee cooler - January 13, 2013

1. Season Three of HBO’s Girls premiered. If you missed it and have about 55 minutes – STAT – you can watch Episode 1 + Episode 2 at the respective links.

2. Stars weren’t the only ones celebrating with golden statuettes in view. Caffe Luxxe went red carpet status and served specialty coffee at the Golden Globes after party.  The view is the lead picture above. Coffee culture feels a little extra special now, although it already is…well special.

3. Barista Competitions – smdlr loves them and so do coffee culture enthusiasts.  For the coffee, er eh, the music.  So, when barista, Jonathen Liu, formerly of the Los Angeles coffee culture scene, and now on the New York coffee culture scene tweeted some of his playlist pre-Big Eastern Coffee Championships this weekend. Needless to say, dancing ensued – because he told us to.

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