Culture Cooler, ‘A Good Accident, Watercolors, Coffee+Motors’

illustrattion by Mark Rose, @whalebones instagram

about the wknd,

Brooklyn, Sydney: Artist Mark Rose [@whalebones] took to art to announce his weekend roasting duties for Small Batch Roast for The Brooklyn Tuckshop. Illustrating the Australian coffee shops’ storefront, in hues of washed coffee, grey and a brilliant blue for part of the opening door, it’s a creative way to marry art to the culture. And, now we want to go.

Manchester, London: An 80-page format magazine with over 40 photographers contributing from around the world released its fourth issue of AccidentallyPurpose, on Saturday at 6 pm, at Idle Hands Coffee. Holding an exhibition and launch party simultaneously, the use of a coffee shop and it walls to introduce extracurricular cultural materials into such a space is a fine way to show how the worlds of film, print and coffee connect.

Raleigh, North Carolina: A new coffee shop centered around bikes, motor ones that is opened over the weekend singing, SlingShot Coffee Company -purveyor of cold brew and holders of their own barista competition titles – Devolve Moto. Bringing the “moto/adventure lifestyle shop and café to Raleigh, “with riding gear, casual wear and accessories,” excited to see how this coffee and collaboration rides out.

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