Culture Cooler: From the Weekend – Amsterdam, Tokyo, LA

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@orphansocks, instagram

lets take things slow | Amsterdam

Just because there’s haze doesn’t mean there isn’t sunshine. On a Hazy Morning, a photography duo capturing life, style and travel in visual stories creatively joined to a gathering centered around coffee and film – Caffenol  – in conjunction with Lomography Netherlands, Lomography Benelux and  authentic arts community, Simply Slow. Together, they played with the idea of alternative photo process in a workshop which allowed participants to develop their own film, safe for home, with minimal ingredients. And, yes, you guessed it, coffee was one along with washing soda and Vitamin C. Visit the #caffenol on Instagram to see all the working outtakes from the event.




@flowcoffee, instagram

going with the flow | Tokyo

The face of a coffee shop is more than its storefront or Instagram feed. These social media days, a web presence and an actual website still travels a long way to communicate a brand, including a coffee shop, which are brands too. Launching its new website, Manual Co. gives viewers from Tokyo to the mainlands like the USA something scroll right and right and wander about a next trip here. Click, scroll, click, scroll, through Flow Coffee’s white dreamy bar, silver chrome Synesso espresso machine, white standing singular desks and its window seas. Oh, take us to Tokyo.  Image shared by @flowcoffee, photographed by Liandro N.I.Siringoringo.

ready go pictures, instagram

ready go pictures, instagram

can’t contain it |Downtown Los Angeles

A coffee shops’ official opening is no longer just a come one come all announcement. As specialty coffee takes itself more and more culturally seriously from specific social plans to engage with the public in advance of its openings, popping up in places within the neighborhood which it intends to land to Instagram campaigns a brands presence is felt before it actually officially opens. This weekend Shreebs Coffee which has been popping up over town officially opened its container with a full schedule including a variety of culture – yoga, juice, puppy meet ups, acoustic music, vinyl,  a vegan food truck – because what’s a coffee opening with a food truck alfresco and art – a live mural by Geoff Gouveia which this culture found quite endearing to include.

With so many spaces opening, plan it in your schedule to go down for a visit, because we are.

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