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 it happened this weekend


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The annual fair Frieze London where art is and is auctioned, takes over the city. In an Observer piece where art adviser Mr. J.P. Morgan of GoldHurst in Hampstead pairs art to beer, he marries. Siren’s BA Even More Jesus VIII Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, as with Peter Doig’s Cabin Essence.  It’s an interesting take to see one expression of art in the form of a beverage, diptyched to the expression of brewed hops, this one with strong leanings of coffee.  It works, because how many times have you had your art with a cup of something aged. Often, we hope.


The city held a week of its own – the second year in a row – for Specialty Coffee Week from October 12-18. A week full of sampling coffee, craft cocktails, limited time beer and beer competitions, ice cream pairings, it was a celebration of the city’s growing scene. The city, considered one of the nations’ top coffee destinations.  Right on Sacramento!


Hunger is what The Big Food Festival Spazio Fasse depends upon.  Held this past weekend, where various mobiles found a park and a place to show their food in a large way. Microcroasters Microtorrefazione provided the “small batch &  handmade beans”for Ma Prima un Caffe, a café in Bergamo Italy. Vroom bella vroom!

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