Culture Cooler: Three Things To Talk About From the Wknd [3.23]

Recreational Coffee

Recreational Coffee


When it comes to coffee, one may not think about milkshakes and coffee that often. Unless your Estelle Bright in the 2013 UK Barista Competitions when she played Kelis ‘Milkshare’ in her presentation. Or, if its 2015 and your Recreational Coffee and you’ve instagrammed your weekend menu for a womens’ conference which includes an origin espresso shake. That’s right! ‘Columbia Huila’ appeared as an espresso for a shake. Huila is one of the most popular regional origins in Columbia – its altitude creating sweet floral flavors.


madam_secretary_a_lTWO: CBS

“I recommend you go easy on the coffee,” says the doctor to CBS’ Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord played by Tea Leoni on Madam Secretary. Thinking she was experiencing a stroke, the secretary heads to the hospital only to learn that its stress, not a stroke and her health prognosis includes the above; getting off of coffee for a few days.

There are numerous studies and reports on the benefits of coffee and uh, the non-benefits of coffee. However, would you say that coming off coffee for a few days would really reduce the stress of a secretary of state? Perhaps this is why some believe one shouldn’t consume coffee every day. Can a secretary help run a nation without caffeine? What say you? Sound off in the comments below. See the episode here, fast forward to the 28 min mark.

Reggie Black, YouTube still

Reggie Black, YouTube still


A link in a text message about an hour before midnight came unannounced and without a subject. Once I clicked on it, its silhouette showed a familiar position – a human being drinking a cup of something – coffee or tea – with the city scape of Bangkok. Its a teaser of an upcoming exhibition at Ink and Lion by Reggie Black, an artist and inspirational engineer called ‘Are You Using Your Voice.’ See the teaser below or here.



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