Culture Cooler: Three Things to Talk About From the Wknd [4.13.]


coffee, Document Coffee Bar

coffee, Document Coffee Bar


Forty nine competitors landed in Seattle for the joint effort of the Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Events’ World Barista Competition.  After a year of competing on their individual global home turfs, telling stories of coffee and their ideals about it. One such competitor Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee in Australia told his story all the way to winning the title.

Discoursing on his role of barista and roaster he championed the value of consistent systems through farmer collaboration to create better irrigation, greenhouse shade systems and the washed carbonic maceration process – often used in wine applied to coffee cherries.  Using coffee he roasted himself he won with this belief, “Its not what a roaster likes, what barista likes, its what customer will enjoy.”


Trotters Instagram Feed

Trotters Instagram Feed


Going somewhere? Getting coffee? TrotterMag, known for providing city guides for sophisticated travelers has a new app Coffee by Trotter. Coffee by Trotter siphons their visits to coffee shops into one mobile destination acting as a guide for future coffee adventure and inspiration. Launching with eight cities, its seems coffee has a new breeding ground.


On Japan Monday, and the USA’s Sunday, Menotti’s co-founder popped up at Sunday Bake Shop with coffee from Four Barrel Coffee and vinyl at the ready. Embodying the idea of culture and community at their home-front shop, crossing the friendly seas sharing their love with is a nice feather in the coffee cap. Watch their adventures on Instagram friendos!

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