Culture Cooler : Three Things to Talk About From the Wknd [4.5]

ONE: San Francisco, CA

image via @legion-shop, instagram

image via @legion-shop, instagram

Did you hear bells ringing this weekend? Perhaps it was from the Chapel, the one serving coffee that  just opened in San Francisco. Designed by Boor Brigdes Architecture, a thoughtful design house with a niche for building coffee shops Chapel Hill Coffee joins the family of some other well-known coffee shops; The Mill, Sightglass, Mazarine.  Evoking sensibility through space that grants high ceilings, oodles of light and wood with an inevitable story, Chapel Hill coffee shop is on this culture’s map.



mad men, amc

It’s 2015. Yet, it’s the 1970’s on the opening episode of the final season of Mad Men. Don Draper has already entered the room and he’s found standing by an office advertising window, leg crossed, cigarette in hand and an Anthora coffee cup, cupped in his other hand. As iconic as advertising is for this show; was for the 1960’s and beyond – when this show began – so is the Anthora paper cup, a design of Leslie Buck in 1963. The Anthora cup became a definitive  source for coffee-to-go  and here, the show places it in its own definitive opening moment in its finale season

As the first scene plays out, this show as much a study in storytelling, social mores, pre-21st century ideology and a bedrock of corporate salesmanship, for the Athena greek coffee cup its cultural status still reigns visually.

To further extend the reach of coffee, the very next scene – black tie at a diner – finds the mad men accompanied by happy women discussing the socality of life and center table is coffee for all.

THREE: The World

THREE: The World

When the weekend comes, living life often takes on the form of having an individual cup or sharing one with others among linens, table spreads and inside expressonist coffee shops. A nod to the @VSCO community for sharing so many great moments inspired by the culture. Enjoy the most recent images here.

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