Culture Cooler: Three Things to Talk About From the Wknd [4.27.]

@strangewaysbk instagram

@strangewaysbk instagram


Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bushwick’s Strangeways is seasonally affected and this culture is so glad. This happiness  this past weekend Strangeways began selling cocos  this spring. That’s right. There’s the 16 oz electrolyte filled raw coconut water. Then, there’s what’s really visually appeasing on a spring day on that alfresco bench of theirs,  the Turbo Coco comprised of coco water and coffee – in branded Strangeway ways coco’s complete with straws and cocktail parasols.

With a single origin coffee from Four Barrel Coffee, a Tanzania Peaberry, it’s a party in Buswhick as this little bean in big coconut spring break us.


liza de guia via facebook

liza de guia via facebook


Chelsea Piers, New York

Food storytelling just received another bearded cheerleader. With the James Beard Awards for Book, Broadcast and Journalism were held over the weekend for. Liza De Guia, a storyteller and founder of, won for Video Webcast, on Location. She tells story on every kind of food including coffee. Watch her episodes here.

Meanwhile stay tuned for this May 4th for the announcements of other nominees including those with relation to coffee culture.

@blogalog, instagram

@blogalog, instagram



In the country of Asia, a revised academy, Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia launched, Formerly named the Phillipine Barista Coffee Academy, this newly named school school aims to be a journey into the education of “real coffee.” With coffee programs, courses and official applications for entries it will be exciting to watch how this will impact the advancement of coffee and the culture of it.


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