Culture Cooler : 3 Things [From the Weekend] to Still Talk About [3.10]


Huck’s coffee

So, the ‘weekend’ felt like four days this week, with ABC’s Scandal giving coffee culture something to talk about as well as this Monday’s news and coffee cameo at South by South West.

1. Scandal Season 3 continues and coffee makes a thoughtful cameo. It begins with Huck – gladiator and first protector of Olivia Pope saying, “I bought you a coffee.” See the episode and all the other coffee cameos here.

2. SXSW – one of the biggest cultural – kicked off in Austin. To make the cool festival even cooler Secret Squirrel Cold Brew partnered with Yahoo to brighten the eyes of the bushy tailed in Brazos Hall. The love is felt.

3. Cuvee Coffee is stateside at South by SouthWest. Just as the opening weekend ended they had an epic Monday morning collaboration with the New York Times, giving free espresso for the launch of the paper’s New York Times now app.


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