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Paris, Portland, Milan,

Telescope Cafe, Paris

Telescope Café, @instgram

PARIS: Hoot Hoot | A second in the Paris specialty coffee scene – Holy Belly, first – to complete its renovation is Telescope Café.   Announcing its Monday o opening on Instagram the Sunday eve before with a scene of the shop complete with a bar aligned left and seating – a communal black bench alongside contrasting shaped stools and tables in colors like that of sorbet. What is there to say about Paris and the specialty coffee shop renovation idea. Could it be that there’s a trend in starting and restarting again in favor of the perfect expression while in search of ones ‘God Shot’. Perhaps! For now, congrats Nicolas Crec and team.


The Coffee Bus, @instagram

PORTLAND: The inaugural Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival – it occurred first in Los Angeles in 2010 -took place on Saturday, September 26, at Zidell Yards and was a hodgepodge of the city’s most favorite things; beer, kombucha, live music and vegan food. Sounds perfect for Portland, a city full of human herbivores. Mobile coffee shop The Coffee Bus, was the only coffee vendor on the vending bill. Parking as a red painted VW with its sliding door retracting to a bar, this culture is excited to see where this festival goes and how coffee will remain a part of it.

MILAN:  Fashion label Marni showed its Spring/Summer collection by starting off with “strong coffee and croissants,” in the courtyard. If you can’t get to the coffee before the show, bring coffee to the show. There’s something to say about experiencing Italian coffee in the throng of a brand showing its collection. It makes this culture feel that, as clothes are part of our lifestyle, so is coffee and it is. We love you Marni for the inclusion, and oh, the abstract creative direction reminding us how artistic getting dressed can be – muah!



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