Culture Cooler: The Emmys, London Design Fest, Tamper Tantrum, Sept 21st

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Don Draper, Mad Men

Don Draper, Mad Men

Here are three things from the weekend and this early morning for your water cooler talk, from Los Angeles, Lndon and Ireland. #talkaboutit
ONE. Los Angeles, CA | The Emmys

The Emmys took place in a hot weathered downtown LA yesterday apt to bestow some heavy artillery in the form of a statue to the best in their category in T.V. While this culture’s eye was on some specific shows known for its coffee culture it was happy to see that one of them won, Mad Men, for Jon Hamm’s role of Don Draper, a man critically devoted to himself, the art of advertising and endless coffee scenes.

It is of note too, to honor and acknowledged Viola Davis for her first win as an African American woman taking Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series for How To Get Away With Murder, Regina King’s first win as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie category the ABC drama American Crime and Uzo Aduba
for her back to back win for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Orange is The New Black.

London Design Festival

London Design Festival

TWO. London | London Design Festival got its start on the 1th of this month, this past weekend. The annual festivals celebrates design and creativity as a gateway to its city. All around the city, projects from designers, architectures and emerging artists are effaced in response to cultural stimuli.

While being moved by all of the installations a few that are on the radar include “Print is Dead, Long Live Print’ a look at indie design magazines and their modern proliferation. This culture loves this because they have also found a way into our beloved space, the coffee shop. For a full list of events visit here.


THREE. Ireland | Tamper Tantrum
A podcast. A coffee podcast by Steve Leighton and Colin Harmon. This episode, the 37th, among other things discusses the fourth wave of coffee, and its expression in coffee. Should you have about 45 minutes, while working, cooking or making coffee, give it a listen. The first eighteen minutes is some background information on role and position of Jenn Ruglo at Tamper Tantrum. She makes a good point and quote “I like being there for peoples aha! moment.”

However, the podcast picks up after eighteen minutes in, and are on the podcast theme: talking of numbers, and the fourth wave and the value of social – twitter and instagram – to the coffee world and compassion in coffee service.. “Those pushing boundaries and trying new things are going to be the ones helping us move.”  Hello, we have a podcast! If in Paris on November 18th, you attend the next installation of Tamper Tantrum. 

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