Culture Cooler: Three Things to Talk About From the Wknd [3.30]

ONE: Christchurch, New Zealand


Double Happy!

Joining a short and I hope soon to be long line of coffee shops with inspirational sayings lighting up its walls, Coffee Supreme “threw open the doors “ of its Christchurch space.  There’s service every day of the week – #sevendays – with seasonal breakfast and the drink that binds it all: coffee. Now, that’s worthy of a pun: supreme!



San Juan Mall via

San Juan Mall

A long line can mean a good thing. Like, great food is nearby a local food cart stand, something of note is happening just past the first person in line, or, it can be the signal of a wait for a music festival – tis is the spring season.

However, in Puerto Rico, a line right before the weekend hit signaled a new luxury mall opening – The San Juan Mall. With it, brands like Pandora, Lush Cosmetics and Gucci will all hold a space there. With all this, don’t think that coffee is left out. Upon entering there will be a kiosk for Hacienda Monte Alto. San Juan and its mall of 650,000 feet just became more commercially and culturally interesting.


via Milk and Pull

via Milk and Pull

It will not be the coffee borough left behind. It now houses another coffee shop from owners of Milk and Pull, which started in Bushwick. From its image aesthetic, its minimalism and warmth make it a destination worth travelling to. So, here’s to some spring borough hopping and stumping its town.




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