Industry Beans, Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

ONE: The Australian Interior Design Awards occurred and I’m happy to see that coffee shops, aka cafes swept the honors, with the top honor going to Figureground Architecture who designed Industry Beans, a cafe, roastery and cupping lab.  Of note and particular interest to me is the winner of the Sustainability Advancement Award, Hassell for Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar. The Coffee Farm and Brew Bar was a pop-up occurring at the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. And, in a culture like coffee, where coffee pops up often especially at festivals for music and food, its wonderful to see such intent and thought go into this expression and for that expression to be rewarded. #cupUp

Specialty Coffee Assn of America, White Paper

Specialty Coffee Assn of America, White Paper

TWO: Coffee has a problem. Its hunger. But, its not just coffee’s problem, its a worldwide issue of poverty and inequality – that lends to hunger. This problem affects approximately 842 million people currently. The Specialty Coffee Association of America published a white paper  about it and it address hunger and food insecurity, its effects on the education potential of our children, while dovetailing ways we can get involved in developing healthier communities with technology, nutrition, livelihood diversification and multiple stakeholder involvement. Find the time to let this  be a lunch break read, an evening read, or a topic of discussion among friends. All of our voices count.


Iced French Press, Bolivian Inquisivi

THREE: With the advent of instagram, instagramming ones food, including coffee, in all its various cups, ceramics and sizes has has become a widely shared visual. This past weekend, I was happy to participate in my first Instameet, themed to coffee culture with a focus on story, art and music. I was most inspired by the stories that surrounded the founding of the spaces we went to, and the people who participated along the way. Instagram is such a great tool to build community but so is the coffee shop.  Here’s to meeting someone new on and off line this week, I guarantee it’ll change how you see the world, I know it did for me. #cupUP

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