Daivd Letterman’s Late Coffee Night


Thirty-three years is a long time to do one thing. David Letterman did it and showed the world how to do it differently often.

I’ve longed love Drew Barrymore for every reason that makes her Drew Barrymore, the rom-com’s, the ownership of self and the wanderlust that would even lead her to being comfortable enough to flash Dave, of David Letterman.

As Letterman closed out his tenure on late night, many in culture have remarked on their famous moments and Drew remains one of my mine. Her appearance is a favorite not for the sake of the ‘flash’ but because, lets look at this scene again, a coffee mug was flashed too. Collectively, viewers can only imagine how many mugs were present on Letterman’s desk and if they had coffee, tea or some other delight in them.  I just love when symbols of coffee get to be part of some of pop culture’s defining moments. So, grab a white mug, keep it nearby, you never know what moments you’ll catch.


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