West Adams’ Delicious Pizza | a slice, a drip…lets roll

a slice of culture

Sometimes I want to be taken back in time while still living in the now. Sometimes I want something new, while still experiencing the existing.

Encountering the construction of new places within the landscape of an established Los Angeles allows me to feel the history of my city while exploring new voices within it. Along West Adams, there’s a slow bevy of something new developing and it includes a pancake house, corner art studios, more street art and now the multi-purpose pizza/beer/cafe – Delicious Pizza.


You can’t miss Delicious Pizza when adventuring down West Adams, if headed west, its right before you cross into the official territory of Culver City. The exterior has a black and white motif and a coffee sign atop – it flickers.


When you enter it is clear that its interior had thought. There’s a definitive theme – black, white and an accent of red from the race car flag sheet motif that your pizza is delivered upon to the 1.50 cent white enamel mug your drip coffee is poured in.


Biting into a slice, sipping a drip – repeat, repeat  – while swiveling on red stools at the bar feels good like a slice of life – pun intended – where casual talk and being a regular at a coffee counter is long overdue. I heard Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend’  talk to me through the radio as I felt the history of Los Angeles and the movement of music from the 80’s courtesy of the black frames of monochromatic music scenes on the east and west walls.

It was all so simple and complex. Who collected all this memorabilia, including the perceptive touch of an old beat box adjacent to the craft beer menu. An entire experience is here should you want it; if you want a slice, you can have a slice; if you want a pie, have a pie, if you want coffee, there’s classic drip by City Bean Coffee – a local farm to table coffee company, nearby on Jefferson Boulevard. And, if you want a beer with your throwback tunes and something sweet then there’s some options on tap and underneath the counter glass too. If you want some culture in the community, things are quite delicious enough for you to enjoy it here.


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