exCerpt:. Comedians in Cars [and a boat] Getting Coffee

coffee has an interesting way of showing up in our cultural conversation. an exCerpt, of coffee and its collective appearance as a character in the every day.



The third season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee aired today. What a pretty airing it was, as a 1959 Fiat Jolly in coral orange, sans door, was the vehicle of choice. As it takes a jolly ride through Manhattan to the pier of where comedian, Louis C.K.’s boat is, one is whisked into the beauty that is summer in New York.

Halfway through the episode coffee makes a cameo when Louis C.K. asks Jerry, “You want coffee?!” Exclamation is smdlr’s. Then, Jerry says, “Yes!” Exclamation is his. Then a Nespresso coffee machine makes its appearance as Louis C.K.,  makes cappuccino’s with some coffee pods, “I likes things.”  While I am curious about how the coffee tastes, I’m more focused on all the elements surrounding these two comedians sharing a cup, in two different mugs. on the water, in a boat makes for all the ambiance of a great coffee experience. And, isn’t that what we’re always after in coffee culture?  – cde



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