exCerpt:. New York Mag ‘Normcore + Deli Coffee’

coffee has an interesting way of showing up in our cultural conversation. an exCerpt, of coffee and its collective appearance as a character in the every day.


via nymag, Nick Anderson, photographer, Amy Lobard

“the rare cool kid wearing clothes as lukewarm as the last sips of deli coffee

There’s something about lukewarm coffee – that in-between stage of hot and cold – that is so well, unappealing. However, what I like about lukewarm coffee is that its really when coffee cools, in the cupping stages and beyond that you can really taste it, and evaluate its quality. Its as if without an extreme, in this case temperature, one can articulate what is really happing. I wonder with the idea of ‘normcore’ if that is also the same in regards to style. Is it that when there is an in-between of high fashion and well, not much of a stated fashion through discernible labels at all, that one can perceive what a persons style sense really is?

Cue Blood Orange whom I found at the Silver Lake Farmers Market , wearing a cap, solid pieces paired by a pair of Converse and oozing the feel of the nineties – he was just a breath of fresh air of individuality that I only recognized as Dev Hynes after the fact – normal but still a standout of one among many.  bloodorange_coffeetography_devhynes_silverlakefarmersmarket

Its like in any rule book – be it the English language, acting in the theatre or even in fashion, to break a rule, doesn’t one have to know it?  I’m thinking so, because when my coffee cools, I like to chill it sometimes because then I my own version of ice coffee – the nontraditional way – and its oh so, so, good and empowering. To that and normcore, I say lets play and cupUP. – cde

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