exCerpt:. NY Times Magazine, Lena Dunham, Is Not Done Confessing

Photo: Benjamin Lowy/Reportage, for The New York Times

Lena Dunham, The New York Times

“Once, before I got on medication, I was so freaked out and O.C.D.,’d” she said, not exactly sotto voice, in a coffee shop in West Hollywood, where several people clearly recognized her but were pretending not to.”

I’m never unamused that conversations of note, of deep engagement and unfolding insight occur at a cafe. And, it is no different, with Lena Dunham who expounds on her life as a character and a caricature from her HBO show, ‘Girls’ to her upcoming book, ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ and expels thoughts on the idea of being a real girl with real issues living on her own and very real terms.

What better place than a cafe – close and intimate – to talk about who one really is. I can only imagine that a cup of something nice, something warm, was nearby. I hope the same for you and for all of us once the book is released. See the full article via NY Times Magazine here.

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