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“he considers all the micropsychological conditions that someone might be in as they enter a cafe,” writes Alexis C. Madrigal in The Future of Iced Coffee.


James Freeman, Alexis Madrigal via Atlantic

James Freeman, Alexis C. Madrigal via Atlantic

This is an observation, and an astute one by our writer.  Its an observation that I’m fond of I might add, because its one of the defining mental reasons for how I choose where I’m going for coffee.

The microphyschological aspects of a space is why, when I’m asked what is my favorite coffee shop, I’m answering the question with, “well, it depends.” What does it depend on? It depends on what I’m doing. You see, coffee, while something I love, is about function as well for me. To have a coffee for me, is more than just having a coffee –  I can do that at home. Having a coffee, is about what experience will I experience – it is situational and to that end, its about pleasure, pure and simple pleasure.

Therefore, the micro in the macro, the little things – the details – always matter. Even the simplest of spaces often take enormous thought to pull off such a direct and unecumbered expression. So, when I walk into a Blue Bottle Coffee Shop – in Chelsea or on the brownstone lined street of the Boerum Hill neighborhood or on Berry Street in Williamsburg, or to the historic Kiosk location in San Francisco, I know that someone  has thought about me, and they have thought about what I’m thinking about as I enter this space. They’ve thought about if I chose to sit in a window seat or on the bench with the High Line in my peripheral view, what that might feel like for me or any of the myriad of customers coming through its doors. I know that more than likely, the designer sat in these spaces too and knew I would one day enjoy the thoughts that went into creating this very situation.

Situations go far beyond the coffee and situations create an environment for drinking coffee that sometimes trumps the coffee itself. Just look at Starbucks.

Your thoughts?

xoCo [hugs and coffee]

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