exCerpt:. “Elbow Grease and Coffee”

“Elbow grease and coffee.”

coffee almond salt soak

coffee almond salt soak

The two go together and then they don’t. One takes the other, and the other can use another.

Jonathan Dubuque co-owner of Level Naturals says the above about what it takes to make his products including the Coffee Almond Salt Soak which is made from coffee, and get this: four varieties of salt, coffee extract, coffee butter, and almond essential oil. I mean all of it sounds so edible, and thats because all the ingredients are made to be such.

I’m just a little in love with coffee as you know and any way to take coffee in, by other means than physically drinking it, I am so into. So, consider this on my summer list of coffee-goods to try. #yum

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