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American Film Market

American Film Market


When I attend film festivals on behalf of this space, I’m often asked, how is coffee and film part of writing and curating coffee culture? I must admit, I get a little bit excited, okay a lot, because its a wonderful opportunity to talk about the importance of filmmaking and the power of a scene. When I studied film in college, I loved not just seeing how a film would unfold, but where and why, and why that scene, that place.

So, of course, when I watch films and see a pivotal moment, a cute meet or a point of no return happening occur within a coffee shop or with coffee as a centerpiece I am inspired to document it an expound on its existence.  Thus, seeing this poster for the American Film Market adds joy to my work. The image at once brings to mind the American leisure and at times escapism of coffee. Additionally, the image reminds me just how intertwine the two pleasure of having a coffee and seeing a film are combined. I love having a little demitasse after the movies, its a great prop to share ideas over, especially ideas about the wide world of cinema.

xoCo [hugs and coffee]

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