film:. Brooklyn’s Rooftop Films Sweet 19th Season

Keith Wilson, director of short film Thank Ewe

Keith Wilson, director of short film Thank Ewe

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It’s a sweet 19th for Rooftop Films, film purveyor of shorts, documentaries, features and the musical ritual of new music before each screening.

Screening from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the summer series in rooftop tradition with a program of short films from around the world for its opening weekend of Friday, May 29th, at Industry City, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with some of the greatest new short films from around the world.

A look at the short film slate for the evening shows foretells some engaging films surely to invite its viewers into intimate spaces and around things that inspire intimacy – like conviviality over coffee.

Rooftop Films will “share eight short films about epic adventures, including the NY premiere of David Sandberg’s Kung Fury.”

The films are as follows:

The Films: Kung Fury (David Sandberg), La nuit américaine d’Angélique (Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet & Joris Clerté) about a French dreamer, All Your Favorite  Shows! (Danny Madden), Actor Seeks Role (Michael Tyburski) about an actor who gets the attention of a theatrical medical instructor, Butter Ya’Self (Julian Petschek) about a hotdog and a banana, The Land (Erin Davis), Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day! (Christian Larrave), Thank Ewe (Keith Wilson) which runs one minute.

While you may have seen some of these already, there’s nothing like seeing them with an audience of people with popcorn and beer.

See you on the rooftop.




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