Film:. Coffee, A Supporting Character in the Media Ad: H&M, Old Navy, Lardini.

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Coffee has long been a central character in the world of advertising. And, why not. What better brand to position within media upon selling overtly or subliminally than coffee. A look at some fall campaigns show coffee and the culture of it embedded within the lifestyle of its characters. To be sure, coffee isn’t being sold in any of these advertising spots, a lifestyle is.  A look at H&M, Old Navy and Lardini.


What: H&M Campaign Film / Modern Essentials.
Where: Tea on the coffee table.

Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart outfits with father, futbol great David Beckham. In the film,  Hart leans on method acting and his comedic timing as a character who wants to be like Beckham as a training step to up his acting skills.   Beckham unsure of the idea of a shadow, relinquishes to the idea of allowing Hart to mirror him.  Through the course of a week in Beckham’s house, the film follows Hart to being with him on set, in his New York home As both are outfitted in clothes from H&M’s Modern Essential’s campaign be it during the day or at night, Hart lights up the film with his antics from ice baths to bathrooms, vintage rides and coffee table chat..
Hart: “So how much tea do you drink.”
Beckham: “ I’m English, I drink a lot of tea.”

To tea being on the coffee table, this culture says spot on.

See the film film below:


What: Old Navy/ TV Ad Spot

What: Women wearing jeans, and one carrying coffee.

Taking a cue from the style of the street in the last year, ‘coffee n clothes’ are in, so in.  In an ad, where Julia Louis Dreyfus employs a Sia-like bob wig and a French accent, as she survey’s the jeans on three women who approach her. One carries an emblematic icon of this culture – a coffee cup with a sleeve. Having already purchased her coffee from somewhere else, its occupancy in her hands details the lifestyle that many of us lead, on the go, with coffee headed to our destinations – theirs just happens to be within fashion. The founder of this zine, was caught doing the same last Fall Fashion Week SS 15 on the streets of New York.

Frayed denim or bust.



What: Lardini  Fall Campaign Film

What: A Day in the Life with Nick Wooster

The famed ‘free agent’ is featured in the Autumn Winter 2015 Lardini film. It follows the story of a day in Wooster’s New York life. The film advertises the truth of Wooster’s routine, which starts indoors with,”ice coffee, the computer and reading the newspaper.” Wooster, can very well embody the routines of many New Yorkers and citizens of the world, because who doesn’t start the day with a little caffeine – tea even perhaps – a digital device and something to read? Yes, if this ad comes across the screen of a TV, a YouTube channel or in the hands of one of our devices, its likely we’re seeing a portion of ourselves.

Pass the ice coffee.

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