film:. Cape Town’s Department of Coffee, Levi’s Pioneer Nation

Founders, Department of Coffee

Founders, Department of Coffee

cape flats, south africa

To the music of Bateleur, the three founders of Khayelitsha’s Department of Coffee share their journey to bringing “the real coffee culture out of Cape Town’ on Levi’s Pioneer Nation series. In just a couple of minutes the gents share their journey of creating something that the two never had before by: word of mouth, passion and being fearless. I picked out a few of my favorite soundbites, because its so true to the how a successful coffee shop is founded and can thrive. #cupUp

coffee is a business } “no one every thinks about opening a business like this.”

it wasn’t overnight | “we did the research for three years.”

on fear | “let us not have a fear, to make it big.

on dreams | “it was difficult, but if you have a passion for it you can do it.”

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