Happy Three! To Us!

Dear Lovelies,


Three Years. Three Years! Three Years?


What a journey it has been. Many of you, have been with me from the inception of this concept five years ago, before it had a name and when the acronym smdlr officially went live three years ago.

Many of you were with me in the early days when I was on twitter retweeting coffee talk, finding myself discovering peoples stories at Intelligentsia Venice – the birth of my first coffeetography photo – to being a ‘regular’ at three Brooklyn coffee shops – Naidre’s Café, The Red Horse Café and Café Grumpy – all of which shaped me tremendously while living in New York.

And, for the 100 or more so of you who were with me that fall night, three years ago for smdlr’s launch party, when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong as I tried to launch a dream, to YOU, oh YOU, I say cupUP!  You’ve been with me and more importantly you’ve believed in me even if you didn’t drink coffee. Whether I’ve convinced you to like this black stuff or not, I’m sure we’ve learned that coffee is so much more than what’s in the cup and for that and beyond, I honor you.

With this anniversary, smdlr will rest as a dotcom.  Year 1,  and its review and  Year 2  will remain fond memories. Look in the url bar – its now ‘the coffeetographer.’  If you type in smdlr.com you’ll culturally be directed here.  As I’ve evolved so has the lens with which I drink coffee, document it and curate it. This space has always been first and foremost about showing what I saw in the world of coffee but didn’t see documented in other spaces. Its always been my eyes, my ears and my heart capturing it. Thus, as I’ve become more comfortable with my voice in this space, I now know that the authority from which I speak is me, my studies, my experiences, our culture.

So what will the coffeetographer be? For now, it will be pretty much what it has been, a place, a community led by me – the leader of a cultural revolution – documenting coffee as a culture, curating stories of inspiration and giving a voice to the arts through the lens of coffee.  The homepage will continue to change daily while being a space to honor the people that make these spaces and the culture which it influences thrive – without them where would the coffee shop be? It wouldn’t.

As for smdlr.com, if you type it in it will direct you to the coffeetographer.com. As for what will happen to it as an entity, well, we shall see.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of work to do in our culture. People’s stories need to be told, inspiration needs to be had and places need to be immortalized. I hope to continue to do that and evolve while doing it. While I wont talk much about what will change, I hope that you will keep visiting this space as I spread my wings. And, of course, I hope you will fly with me when it’s comfortable for you. Lets Celebrate!

xoCo [hugs and coffee]


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