I Feel It. Kanye West, NYFW SS 16 Inspires with Music, Tech and Style

we are the kids,

listen to the kids, @iamreggieblack, instagram

listen to the kids, @iamreggieblack, instagram


Kanye West announced on Monday, September 14, that  Yeezy Season two would show Wednesday September 16th at noon.  Additionally he would screen his show worldwide, 36  cities to be exact – for free. That means his audience, in real time, became more than the number occupying the four walls in which his in-real-life attendees watched.

The song of the day, perhaps the NYFW SS 16 season goes to this newness from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 show.

And, tech of the moment goes to Periscope and one of its users who live streamed it from a theater in downtown – L.A. Live. While it seems everyone is good at broadcasting some part of their lives on one or another platform its the timing of one attached to an event in current culture that makes the moment, well a moment.

While this space was anticipating the show, a friend of this space @iamreggieblack , writer, artist, thought thinker – past art interviewee on this space, alerted us to the stream of Krsiti Medearis on Periscope. While and here’s the nine things we learned while being one of its amassing 1,000 plus live viewers.

Upon asking her, her arrival time she said she arrived L.A. live at nine a.m.  Her battery was at 90 percent and by 9:35 seconds to the shows start, it was at 35% and thanks to her and to all those hoping it wouldn’t die, it didn’t. So, with the aid of her stream, here are seven of my takeaways.

  1. Kanye gives free tickets, the people come.
  2. The people come and share the experience because its the nature of humans to want to see.
  3. Periscope is already a connection tool – not the first signed this year. But the beauty of an idea meeting its time, is when an artist, rapper, designer gives free tickets to a show, the people come and use a coonnection tool to…connect.
  4. “Listen to the kids.”Isn’t this what Kanye said at his MTV acceptance performance, because lets be real, that was more than just a speech?Heads up, we are the kids. And, the kids are on periscope with more than 1000 viewers and counting tuning in to her live stream, all those of us on, could hear and collectively express ourselves as Kanye the artist did too. While some may gripe about the screen being full of such comments, the community taught those that didn’t know, just swipe right, should you not want to hear.
  5. Don’t understand an app, get on it and the people teach will you – swide ripe was the biggest lesson of the stream for those who had yet to understand how to turn comments off.
  6.  Always have a backup charger. If that stream died, some swore they’d lose their life. We think not, but can we get better battery charges, why must a phone only be able to live broadcast for about an hour. Soon to be a fail.
  7.  The democracy of social media is that you can create something for everyone and the people will make it. Because without a user, what is any invention?

We will not wait for spring to feel, it. We’re marching. Can you feel it?

12:31:41 Update, the original Soundcloud clip has been removed.

21:59:48 Update, “Fade'”the Kanye West song from the Yeezy 2 presentation is here, via Vimeo.

09:53:14 The vimeo video has been removed.

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