In Season: Stumptown x NYFW, AW ’15

 @stumptown instagram via @cory_burnsed

@stumptown instagram via @cory_burnsed

Ace Hotel W.29th Street

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

As the first location for the Portland brand in New York City, its street facing café in the lobby of the culturally driven Ace Hotel is a midtown stop worthy of the line. Sip until warmth sets in by people watching or having human connection in the heart of the city, from the mountain.

In Season: Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco Toraja


Designer: The Toarco Company

For the feel of substance with a strength mitigated by cheer, this hops and vanilla note coffee – washed processed – should fulfill the task.

Coming from smallholder farmers, this coffee is dried using the Japanese coffee parchment method, which is indigenous to the mountain areas of Toarco. Gentle process for an equally careful cup.


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