I’ve Moved. @coffeetographer



me, illustrated by Chauncey Jacks

I’ve moved.

I started on twitter in 2011 for the love of coffee and its culture. Then, smdlr, the acronym for my own appropriation of the traditional sizes of coffee – small, medium and large – was how I thought best to represent that love.

Today, the evolution of being in this space and on this space has led me to realize that it is my voice behind smdlr and as an individual, that has and will always speak the loudest for the people, and of the people in this coffee culture revolution that I’m so happy to lead.

Life, like love is a journey. And, so is coffee as a culture. I welcome you to continue on it and all of which it inspires as I curate, grow and play at @coffeetographer. A special thanks to my charm Chauncey Jacks for this wonderful illustration.

See you somewhere out there in this wild and wonderful world. cde.xoco (hugs and coffee)


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