J. JS Lee, Bora Asku, Molly M. Goddard, Paul Costelloe. London Fashion Week, Day 1,

some kind of worldwide wonderland

Collage, Molly M. Goddard, @ladyhummingbird_, @soiparis, instagram

Collage, Molly M. Goddard, @ladyhummingbird_, @soiparis, instagram

J. JS Lee



For the London day when the fog rules before noon, then soft rays of light and life break through its cast, we blush for the option to be chic and a little rogue at the same time feeling the roots of Lee’s Korean heritage.

Bora Asku

Bora Asu, @elleturkiye

Bora Asu, @elleturkiye

The bold palates and macramé flavor deliver us to Turkey an colors that seem to go beyond the rainbow. A cezve, please.

Molly M Goddard


Molly M. Goddard, @antoinasedakova, instagram

We’ll have sandwiches in tulle and ruffles at whichever table Goddard chooses. Because, in this beautifully and simplistic set up, she shows the value of character to function. We’re more than happy to eat, and have a little something to sip with the lettuce tomato and cheese lunch while being a striking medium of goth and pretty.


The aura is of Proust and Frida Kahlo. Attuned, yet elsewhere in solid block patterns. One imagines she is wondering herself into a daydream, preferably with a leather sketch book, fitting to the material she wears. And, something black, a long black to be exact.

Fyodor Golan

Fyodor, via @metrogypsie, instagram

Fyodor Golan, via @metrogypsie, instagram

A home for the wandering spirit in the height of platforms and checkers of designs, the love is felt, x’s and o’s.

Phiny Pet


Phiney Pet, @phoenixmaguk, instagram

Its official, its playtime and the play land is on us to make it, shape it and ultimately create a new vision of what fun looks like.  From floral onesies, printed jackets, holy bonnet hats and an attitude that says ‘belie not our face’ come spring and summer, we will be colorful, darn it!

Paul Costelloe

Paul Costello, sergekerbel

Paul Costelloe, @sergekerbel, instagram

Hands in the pocket, of roses unlike any we’ve seen woven into a fabric before. Symbols lived on the upper back of short length coats green coats. The envy was ours. Currently looking out a window to a place somewhere else, in one of these.

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