journal 10/12


This weekend I spent some time with family and friends and gained some new loved ones while doing so. The time was immaculate, so pure, so heart opening that as Drake’s new album title declares “Its a Good Time To Be Alive’. On thinking about being alive, I had the realization of how incredibly honored I am to breathe, to smell flower petals and mint through my nose, to run in a park and eat lemonheads with my girlfriends, to hear and understand decibels in a voice, to be hugged by another without reservation, to sit down at a table without any material thing defining us: class, culture, you know – those things that can get in the way of us just being sometimes.

The weekend felt life changing, because it was – a heart opening workshop with friends behind ‘The Naked Truth’ to conversation on end about ideas and life over a picnic table at Endorffeine covered with a rose filled patina in Chinatown – and missed the #PieWeekend because of an unexpected Pie Haul Jack told me –  life was good because I lived it. As you come into Monday, I hope the memories and emotions from your weekend remind you too, how wonderful it is to be alive, to experience another day – today – that also just happens to be Monday.

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