Lets Celebrate IV

I’ve only known what I felt. Since all feelings are preceded by thoughts, the ideas of culture expressed and inspired through specialty coffee has been this space’s specific consumption.

As usual this day, The Coffeetographer’s twitter feed will recap, every hour just like last year, memorable moments from year three prefaced by ‘anniversary tweet.” As is my custom I like to celebrate by visiting independent coffee shops, which I did yesterday – and for the first in time in L.A. Should you want to raise a cup, please go local and independent. On Twitter, starting at noon pst, I’ll celebrate the year like every anniversary year with recaps of the culture this space has covered in the last twelve months. I can’t wait to go down memory lane with you.

With another couple of hundred posts added to the digital canon of The Coffeetographer, dozens upon dozens of coffeetography captures, tens upon tens of coffee cups consumed, innumerable taps by my pointer finger on the Shazam app in coffee shops, nearly a thousand conversations or close to it, The Coffeetographer remains a voice of the people, by the people.

I am ecstatic to move into year four, a year of completeness, a year of wanderlust, a year of exploration, a year of manifestation. As always, celebrations here occur with sound, this is ‘Laughter’ by Nathaniel Rateliff because there’s that’s where the joy is and will be. Wake up, we’re the culture. Long live it!

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