Lifestyle, Eavesdropping With The Wind, A Photo Essay [Long Beach]

oh hello wind

Wind by its nature moves. There is a wind in downtown Long Beach that is true to that nature, it moves, yes glides with an ease that one should linger with it. On a daytrip to the downtown of the town of Long Beach I plotted myself eastward of the train, away from the beach, but with the feel of it no less the intimate.

The beauty of a town where specialty coffee has been on the loom is that it amplifies the existing culture around it, anchoring new life.

On a Tuesday when the city bustles as it does on any other day, I walked into spaces with opaque lines, rustic leanings and walls that hugged spirited chatter. Visiting the ominous coffee signed Rose Park Roasters incited intentional lingering while my fair Mr. Klein took a liking to its beautiful stooled chairs. A walk down to Portfolio Coffee House, brought on the gasp of beautiful homes and lines that licensed a mental getaway. I found escape in the conversations of those sitting in alfresco chairs, sipping on iced things.

In a city that is so beautiful and at times incredibly coffee close, a walk to Lord Windsor Roasters was indubitably the option. Sitting with the Lords, the idea of what a coffee shop can be – a roomy place for the mind and a place where conversation can fly was what it was.  And, oh look, here comes the wind and I’m gliding. xoCo


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