Culture Cooler ‘From The Weekend’ Aug 17, 2015

nick wooster has coffee in china, endorphins unite in chinatown

Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster

1. Animated | Nick Wooster in China

Men walking with coffee may seem like nothing new, unless that is you’re Nick Wooster being animated by Benny Ling for Lane Crawford x Lardini. This instagrammed issue is geo-tagged at China’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The full feature includes Wooster sharing “the lowdown” on the art of mens style according to Lane Crawford complete with a video.

The ‘free agent’ as he profiles himself is outfitted in  his signature hair, signature shades, button up blue shirt, sleeves showing on his arms and coffee cup to-go. His picks in collaboration with Lardini appear as part of a new collection Wooster + Lardini for Autumn Winter, 2015. This is good social capital orchestrated by Social Capital.

Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales

2. All Day, EveryDay | Melbourne, Australia

Print is no small matter when it comes to coffee shop culture. In its spaces and often around them and even next door, one can find printed tomes and zines one can hold and read along with their daily cup of whatever-makes them-happy. Next door to Everyday Coffee, its neighbors, The Good Copy threw a launch party for a new zine issue of filmme fatales by Brodie Lancaster. Print rules, all day all day all day.

3. Endorphins in Chinatown | Los Angeles

In just this morning, we all have them, but one such man hopes you’ll produce more of them for those nerves that enjoy coffee, and the biochemical concoctions he’s prone to create at his new space Endorffeine when it soft opens this weekend, leaving behind its former pop-up space Scoops, for a stomping ground of his own.


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