off the wall. coffee date @ L.A. Chapter at The Ace Hotel


ace hotel, stumptown, dtla

In 1979, Michael Jackson released Off the Wall, his fifth studio album.  Recorded in L.A., the album was a consortium of musical genres: disco, jazz, pop, soft rock r&b, and funk.

To see him on the wall of the interior of this historic building – built in 1928 – was inspiring. I ordered a cold brew coffee with milk, which came on the side brewed by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  I paired it with a side of kale and tomatoes.

My beginning sips were full of deep red plum memories, and a sweet orange tang chasing me on the finish. It was so good, I didn’t add milk until halfway through just because I wanted to see what that experience  would offer.  It was magic – the same kind I imagine Quincy and M.J. felt in 1979, except its May, 2014.

If and when in L.A.  come down to the Ace Hotel’s L.A. Chapter Bar:  order simply, enjoy fully. – cde

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