On Coffee.: Before Coffee, Window Seats and Cindy Crawford, Oct. 21st

b.c. aka before coffee

cappuccino, cafe demitasse, wilshire

a notable capsule of what was read and said from the week |

“Describe the most memorable cup of coffee you’ve ever had.Boston Globe

“I’ll get up really early and stare outside the window and have a coffee.” Daria Werbowy x The Coveteur

“The world before coffee.” The Huffington Post

“Coffee itself was often thought to be disgusting—a few of the names used by detractors were ‘syrup of soot,’ ‘a foreign fart,’ ‘a sister of the common sewer,’ ‘resembling the river Styx,’ ‘Pluto’s diet-drink,’ ‘horsepond liquor’ …” The Paris Review

“My coffee table is so @cindycrawford right now.” Taylor Swift via Town And Country

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