on coffee:. Five on Tue.


The things people say, about coffee, when they talk, about life.

1. “I’d be like, “How is there no coffee?! I mean, coffee, it’s just water! It’s not even an expense!” Sarah Silverman, Vulture

2. “It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in coffee,” he said. “Everybody is learning about coffee and experiencing it in new ways, trying to push the boundaries.” Nathan Tourtellotte, L.A. Times

3. “At breakfast, try a cup of cappuccino with their sourdough brioche filled with hazelnut chocolate spread.” VSCO

4.“Many people only have time for coffee as they rush out the door… Their ritual consists only of pressing a button.” Sarah Lang, Kinfolk

5. “I got a real job like acting, like not delivering coffees or something.” Margot Robbie  Sundance Film Festival


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