On Coffee, September 22nd. ‘thataintcoffee, fikas and coffee and pants,’

have you heard about that hashtag,


cortado, Found Coffee LA

on coffee
the most interesting things on coffee read and said from the week.

“Guides will generally specify exact brands of water and caffeine-infused eyeshadow that should be toted in clutch at all times.” Torontoist

“#thataintcoffee.” Hanne Gaby Sees

“According to Little Dragon, Gothenburg’s Cafe Ärtan is perfect “…to calm the pace down a bit, and chill with the local retired folk.” Stop by to enjoy a traditional Swedish fika (coffee accompanied by a small snack), then hit the road to see the sights.” High Snobiety

“Pants are on, I’m in need of coffee and I took yet another wrong turn trying to get to this show.” ManRepeller

“Coffee time. How coffee shifts our circadian clocks.” Slate





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