Peter Som | SS 2015 @ Milk, circa Blue Bottle Coffee

Peter Som, american designer, blind contour

Peter Som, american designer, blind contour

color boom

For the American born designer, Peter Som, color is a friend. It’s a loyal friend, present at the most opportune time. Color showed itself in the most beautiful way – a smearing of color from the intimacy underneath the eye’s inner crevice to, swinging just short of the center of his model’s eyeball.

His thirty-three looks played in a field of green flowery baubles and geometric patterns patterns – stripes, print blocking and solids – shifting down the runway.  I’ll take looks 6,18, 23 and 24.

Now, the real question is which of the looks would I pick to wear to the coffee shop?

Number 23 gets a cameo for its feeling so refined yet chill; number 24, gets a nod for that occurrence when I’m visiting a brand space -preferably very near a beach – because after a cup of something, like a wet cappuccino, I’m donning the coat, the collared blouse and I’m jumping in the water.

My coffee of choice was Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Chicory Iced Coffee. As I sipped it in my own Elabrew mason jar, the style of the street began coming into focus with Aimee Song and ended with the bright backgrounds of some of the shows’ models. Here are some images from before, during and after the show because ‘where there is coffee, there is style.’


Aimee Song

Aimee Song


linda tol, cappuccino

linda tol, cappuccino







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